After Mr. Hawkins’ return from London, he continued to look for ways to make an impact in the music biz in LA. He played in a number of groups, and teamed with Bill K to record a couple of his original compositions at Wizard Recording studios. Bill was on staff there at the time, and could use off-hours to work on personal projects. On the two songs presented here, Jimmy played guitars, bass, sang all the vocal parts, added a piano track on one tune, and a “Flugel” (a corrugated plastic tube that makes musical tones when spun in a circle) on the other. Bill played drums and engineered the session.

Mr. Hawkins’ Music
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Clockwise from top left:

  1. 1.Xerox of a Bio photo. Source unknown.

  2. 2.On the roof of Bill’s apartment in West Hollywood. The office tower in the background is on Sunset Blvd. Cool Palms. Very LA.

  3. 3.Bill the TV personality. Everybody in LA wants to be on TV, right?

  4. 4.The Dishes -- an LA band that had potential. They recorded some good songs (no copies available). The guy in front is Brian Ray who went on to tour for several years as a guitarist with Paul McCartney. Nice gig if you can get it.

  5. 5.Studio space at Wizard.

  6. 6.The control room at Wizard with Trident TSM console, MCI 24-track, and Studer 2-track mastering deck. Cool gear in the early ‘80s. They went bankrupt.